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VW California outside hook: Multi-fastening for VW California T5 / 6 on the outside C-rail. (Rail also seen at Mercedes etc.) Suitable for all kinds of fastenings on both outside of the bus.

VW Bus California outside hook

SKU: 0005
  • Hier werden in unserem Einsatz Sonnen/Regen Planen sowie Wäscheleinen befestigt, Wasserbecken, Solarpanel und Ablagen abgehangen. Ein Tool, welches die Nutzung eurer Seitenschiene für jegliche Anwendungen eröffnet.
    EAN Code: 7613081098717

  • We deliver the hook with a plastic washer, which avoids possible scratches and allows optimal contact pressure. The manufacturer's load specifications must be observed here, as overloading could cause damage to the vehicle.

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